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Are you a victim of cyber bullying.
Is some coward or cowards reading your emails, spying on you from an apartment away or even a block away. Have your email accounts or other social media accounts been compromised.
Cyber bullying is one of the most pathetic and indecent crimes with only the most mentally ill and ethically challenged perpetrators.

The minds of these individuals and perpetrators are so underdeveloped. Their cognitive processing, emotional and ethical standards and complete lack of ambition, along with such a non existent level significance or any real ambition to attain anything worthwhile or do anything worthwhile, that you may have already noticed, attempts to communicate with them can likely be futile.

I believe the solution is exactly what they are afraid of, face to face investigation and communication. A complete shut down of their weak and petty trouble making tactics.

We can develop the task forces supplies and approaches over time and gain whatever equipment we want(within the limits of the law of course) and shut these cyber bullies down.

If they are as weak and decrepit to harass and try to harm you through electronics, shutting these kinds of individuals down immediately, will likely save a lot of innocent and even vulnerable people from being victims as well.

We are putting together a task force for the Greater Vancouver Region. If you are interested in joining and taking part in the war against evil, email today.
Send in your reason for wanting to join, any experience you wish to bring to the table or just tell us a little about yourself. The only real requirements is dedication, availability and that you are a person of strong character that is not willing to tolerate cyber bullying and will stand up for those being harassed and harmed by cyberbullies.

Thank you for your interest.
Email information for application.

I look forward to hearing from you!

CyberBullying Task Force

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