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WARNING: 25255 w.8th ST (kitsilano)

private bath
private room

If anyone has lived at or by 2525 west 8th in Kitsilano, or is planning on living there. I need your help, or at-least need to warn you:
I have a god awful housemate, who the landlords are forced to rent to, he knows it and abuses his power. The guy is 57 years old, grayish white hair. He is a nutcase drug addict who is a homosexual part time highschool teacher and on welfare. He also got a'lot of inheritances & has a nice car. He lives secret lives and is a complete flake. He has different personalities. He is a complete clown douche-bag to say the least. I don't even know were to begin. Everything is great about the place, except this guy ruining it for me and others.
When I first met him, he flat out admitted that he doesn't care what kind of neighbor he has in here, he will use me as a stepping stone to suck up to the landlord, gain seniority like he has gotten away with for the past 15 years and it is just stupid what hes turned around on people and gotten away with, the landlords are stupid f***in idiots for letting him get away with it, paying so little for so long. Now that he has gotten good at it he will do it even more. He used to live in my place and wants to live in my smaller bachelor suite to sublet out his bigger one. Yet he only pays 550$ a month for a bachelor suite 3 times the size of mine and that is somehow not good enough. He has been caught looking into my bathroom window and other peoples windows in the area. He jumps out in front of you and tries to record you and mock your voice to set you up and frame you for things he is actually doing. Like how he says did you steal my recycling bin? Then puts the phone up-to his mouth & goes gyeah in a gay douche voice. Or how he tries to fight with you so that you will have to move in 5 days, not him. He is a total greedy selfish insecure manipulative narcissist piece of crap. He purposely spreads the garbage out into 4 garbage cans evenly so that flies and spiders will gross you out, he throws canucks tickets in the recycling he gets for free from work in plain site, doesn't share laundry, or internet, has a key to your place and steals things, hacks WiFi and copies and pastes things and doctors them and shows them to the landlord etc etc. All just in hopes I will feel un comfy and move.
I saw him on drugs in a pink shirt, holding hands with a transvestite in glasses in a fruit hat and purple moomoo dress at Stanley park. I swear to you. No joke. The landlords encourage him and think it is funny how he makes up all kinds of bs. My landlords want me out to get triple for my place and to make up for him, also to let him take over the whole basement suite and sublet to people so they don't have to hear about him anymore, even though they said I am a great tenant and person. It is totally sick greedy and pathetic how there treating me. There breathing down my neck trying to renovict me. The neighbors said there is always a for sale sign and people coming and going every yr or two but the bastard who nobody likes always stays, nobody knows what to do. The landlords even said lets just give him what he wants to shut him up and stop hearing about him. I am doomed. I don't know what to do. Please help.
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