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Having your work professionally mastered is critical if you want your music/audio to sound tonally balanced, punchy, and finished, such that it has the necessary impact to attract new listeners and translate on all major output media, such as online streaming, radio, vinyl, promotional download sites, CD, and other audio formats. As a mastering engineer, I enhance, balance, and finalize music and audio, bringing each project to its full sonic potential (song, album, podcast, etc.). I use second-to-none analog & digital tools, and work in an acoustically calibrated mastering environment. After completion/mastering, your music/audio will meet the following criteria:
► sound tonally balanced and finished
► have the necessary overall impact, clarity, punch, tonal qualities, and optimal dynamics for commercial release (sound finished, "like a record", "radio ready", reach your (intended) audience
► translate and sound balanced on all common playback media, from earbuds to hi-fi audiophile speakers
► be optimized for and compatible with all major online digital steaming sites (Spotify, Tidal, SoundCloud, Pandora, Youtube, etc.)

Who should contact me?
My clients range from musical enthusiasts to professional full-time musicians, bands, producers, DJs, podcast creators, and others involved in music or audio-based work.

Is the difference worth it?
Professional audio mastering is arguably more critical today than ever, given that more and more music is being made or mixed in less-than-ideal acoustic spaces, not to mention listened to on a vast range of systems, from laptop speakers to expensive audiophile systems. Mastering makes the critical difference between the listener hearing a finalized song/album that is compelling and has impact, versus a song/album that lacks excitement and sounds like a draft. As a mastering and mixing engineer, I ensure that your music is brought to its full potential so that you can reach your intended audience.

Services (contact me for more detailed information)
Stem mastering/mixing
Mastering for vinyl
Premaster/mix enhancement. Addressing elements that aren't sitting in the mix properly. For instance, improving vocals that seem to get buried in the mix or sound unnatural, making drums come alive and attain the necessary punch and character to drive the rhythm of a track, and so on.
Podcast and voiceover post-production, enhancement, editing, and mastering. Too many podcasts are skipped over by prospective listeners due to drifting volume, poor microphone technique, indistinct dialogue, and other issues. I correct for these issues + ensure that your voice, or voices, come through properly: that is, sound punchy and articulate. This is an easy way to get an edge, sound professional, and build an audience faster.
Restoration. Noise issues, clicks, hiss, old tapes or recordings you want to bring to life, etc.
DJ mixset mastering. If you recorded a DJ set, for example, and want to upload this as a promo tool, it’s helpful to have it mastered and enhanced so the audio comes through as punchy and consistent from track to track.
Consultation work. Contact me if you need help with a specific audio-based issue (technical or otherwise). Also, I can help clients optimize their space for optimal acoustics.

About Me
I work on audio full-time as a mastering engineer, and use state-of-the-art analog & digital tools in an acoustically calibrated mastering & mixing studio. I have been involved in audio for a long time, and go the extra mile for my clients. I have mastered and mixed a wide variety of genres/artists, from two-piece jazz bands to indie rock to deep house. I bring a diverse range of past experiences to the profession: being in bands, playing instruments, mixing and producing music (audio engineering), sound design, composing music for films, designing audio art installations, field recording, and more.

Email or text me, and we can have a quick chat to review the process, the specifics of your project, and any questions you, or I, might have. I can also offer educated suggestions and clarifications if you are unsure about what to do next. Sometimes, going back to the mix and making a few changes might be the best thing to do before having your work mastered. I do everything I can to bring your project to its full sonic potential and completion, whether you're working on a single song, a large multi-artist compilation album, or your first podcast. I look forward to working with you and helping you enhance and finalize your music or audio for release.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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