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OS mobile: apple iOS
conditions: excellent

IMPORTANT: You need to register for the referral bonus BEFORE you activate your new service with Koodo.

1. Follow this link and enter your name and email address into the referral system before you activate a service with Koodo.


2. You can then buy a phone or SIM card and activate with a Koodo plan. This can be done in-store or online.

3. After your new service is activated, you need to log back into the referral system and enter your new Koodo phone number.

Once you finish all the steps above and subject to those terms, normally $50 will be credited from second billing cycle ($10 for 5months)


For more info on the Koodo Referral program and how it works, check out their page: https://referafriend.koodomobile.com/public/home.pg?lang=en
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