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I lost my wallet at the VGH emergency department on Sunday, January 6th., after what turned out to be a VERY long day, and after a series of unfortunate events unfolded that day, which is what brought me (and immediate family!) to Vancouver General Hospital from Richmond Hospital.
They say things happen in "threes" and that was much the case with me on that particular Sunday afternoon........loosing my wallet was the final and "third strike" as that day started off with my mother suffering a heart attack (she was at the hands of great doctors, and staff alike, at both Richmond Hospital and VGH....Thank God!) and consequently the day followed by a huge fight that broke out amongst my brothers (YES.....much to my dismay!!!) and it happened right there, in one of the hospital's waiting areas, a waiting room located just outside the VGH Cardiology Unit (where my mother lay in a bed after she had just recently been admitted) and where my brothers, their respective partners, and myself were sitted, anxiously awaiting to hear from the doctors for the much dreaded "updates" on my mother's condition when the fight that broke out amongst my brothers began, all the while, my mother was laying in a hospital bed (mere feet away from it all!) due to a heart attack she had suffered only hours before, and due to the high levels of stress she's endured at the hands of the above mentioned brothers........what a disgrace!!!
Had been a hectic day and I was
overcome with stress/confusion brought on by all the chaos that unfolded that afternoon at VGH.
So as fate would have it (and as my luck goes!) I then went on to loosing my wallet, which I had been clutching in my hands this whole time, and which when I was finally visiting with my mother in her assigned room, I came to the sudden realization (sometime around 5:15-5:30 pm.) that my wallet was no longer with me, but that it was somehow/somewhere lost in that hospital area!
So it was then that my search began, as I started frantically looking for it, although not concerned so much about the wallet itself and its contents (truth be told not much at all had been placed in that wallet!) however mostly concerned about my Canadian Citizenship Card, which happens to be of very special value to me (sentimental value that is!) and which I usually always carry in my wallet as, although now an old card, it serves as my main ID card........long story I won't go into at the moment!!
I was somewhat frantic at first, however those feelings of panic/upset soon began to fade
and were instead replaced with feelings of calm/peace, strangely enough (after what all had transpired that day) much to my surprise as I was suddenly overcome with a sense of "calmness" as I felt an inexplicable wave of peace wash over me......that's exactly how I felt that afternoon and how I can only best describe it!
And so it was, after the
many unsuccessful efforts in finding my lost wallet (forever now I thought!) that I took the decision, and felt it necessary, to leave it be, it happened so be it I told myself, it was after all only a wallet with some very "minute" things in it (no big deal, so I told myself....a wallet and its contents can always be replaced!) furthermore there were other pressing "issues" at hand, and far more important things to worry about and concern myself with (a wallet can, but my mother certainly CANNOT be replaced!!) so when after the effects of a long, exhausting day started to set in, back home to Richmond I was heading, that's when I got the phone call, the one to inform me that my wallet was found, so it was right then and there that the car was turned around and back to VGH I was headed, a big smile on my face at the much unexpected news (although I somehow knew it as, strange as it sounds, "something" deep inside of me told me earlier that afternoon, all while that surge of "calmness" washed over me, that my wallet would sooner or later be found) and so it was that I went to retrieve my wallet at the VGH emergency department, it was the security there who kindly gave it back to me and who informed me, after my inquiries, that it was a paramedic who had found my wallet and turned it in.
And it is I now, who would like to offer a most sincere thanks to that paramedic who took it upon him/her self to turn my wallet in, as they say.......there is a rainbow amidst the storm!

Again.....thankyou to the paramedic that helped me to see a ray of sunshine amongst the doom and gloom of that day, January 6th. 2019!

If you somehow happen to come across this message, feel free to message me, would like to somehow/someway compensate you for your kindness!

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