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How to be the man that women desire and want.

I will never forget my 1st real crush on a woman. I was 13 and was mesmerised by the actress Erin Grey, who played Wilma Deering in Buck Rogers. I thought that is it that is my perfect girl. I had not spoken to her knew nothing about her she just “had it” and this “it” is what the top 5% of men and women in the world have to attract their perfect mate.

I was aware at 13, that I had no chance with her..well not for at least 7 years or so!
But, I came to an understanding of, by watching buck Rogers and his interactions with my Girlfriend, Erin, was how masculine men attract women I observed how he was;


I saw how Erin’s character responded and was attracted to Buck. What I also realised was, if you act like a man, women respond, if you do not, then they reject you, every time.

Women cannot resist a man who acts masculine, it is what they need, want and desire!!
All of my students who come to me for help, are making the same fundamental mistakes with women, that gets them;

Friend Zoned
Pass over for another man

This causes men to act out of their natural masculine by pursing a woman which gets her to pull away more, which causes him frustration, doubt, worry, fear and loss of confidence. It is a vicious cycle.
Men who understand women do very little, in fact in my case, women approach me, as I know how to get them to do it.

I understand what a woman’s emotional triggers are, what she responds to and how to get her to chase, call ,pursue, exactly what a woman is designed to do.

Unfortunately most men are being brain washed by Hollywood, TV and songs, on what to say to a women and what a woman wants in a man, when the reality is the complete opposite. Of what this media spews out.

I have always been successful with women, I know the mindset, body language and exactly what to say to women to cause massive attraction in them for me, and I can teach you the same.

Let me ask you the following questions;

Do you settle for women that you do not want because you feel and believe you can not get the woman you want?

Are you relying on dating aps, social circles or friends and friends of friends to meet new women?

Do you put women on a pedestal, believeing that you have to earn their affection?

Are you affraid to approach a woman for fear of being rejected?

And are you confused about what would actually get you the success with women you crave and desire and this is effecting other areas of your life?

Well I have the golden ticket I cracked the code I know what women emotionally respond to which will get you massive results in your love life giving you the adavantage other other men out there no matter what they look lkike or how rich they are.

Once you understand and learn these secrets, then you will feel;

At ease
Self Sufficient

Most importantly that you HAVE exactly what a woman NEEDS.

I do not need anybody in my life, and that is what masculine men feel. But they want and desire a woman in their lives, and that is the difference, women want to be wanted and desired and not needed.

You need to be the guy that guys want to hang with, respect and be around, as this will make you attractive to women ( I hope you understand this principle). And this is totally learnable, if you have the desire.

I cracked the code at 15, I got respect from my peers, guys would want to hang with me and friend’s sisters would ask me out. This code I can teach you, so you can start attracting women into your life, quickly and effortlessly.

My system will show you exactly what you need to do, think and say to attract a perfect girl into your life. No more getting rejected, friend zoned and frustrated in your dating life which leads to nasty destructive habits. I can teach you the secrets of attraction which will give you the upper hand on almost most guys out there.

When somebody realises that they have a problem in their dating life or anything else, they either try and fumble through making the same mistakes all over again, in the vain hope, that somehow things will change miraculously by chance, and that they get the desired results with women, that they have always been looking for. Well, we know that is not going to happen. That would be like hitting glass with a heavy hammer hoping it would never break. You could try that a million times, it will always break.

If you really want to change and learn, exactly what a woman wants and desires in a man and you truly want to experience of the elimination of fear of women and start living with confidence, that having a true understanding of what really attracts a woman to a man, then, take action;

Women are waiting for a confident man to make the move, make the approach...yes that is right they are WAITING!!!!

Masculine energy, the energy that gets a woman, takes immediate and decisive action so are you ready to put failure and embrace success???

I am offering a FREE!!- 45 minute strategy session which you can book right here;

I can only work with a limited number of clients, so timing is of the essence. So please take action right NOW and learn how to get that girl.If you take action, then you WILL succeed.

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