How to get your Wife or Girlfriend to fall back in love with you again (Vancouver and North America)

How to get your Wife or Girlfriend to fall back in love with you again

Let me ask you the following questions,
Has your woman stopped;
Showing affection
Making love with you
Calling you regularly
Is she,
Disrespecting you
Has she stopped looking at you with love or looking at you at all
Are you doing everything you can think of to please her so she notices you again and all that happens is she moves away more and things get worse
Do you feel clueless on what to do and this is causing you frustration and panic.

Well, if you have answered yes to 3 or more of those questions your lady as lost attraction for you and is no longer in love with you!

I know it hurts but deep down you know this to be a fact, don’t you?

So, what are you going to do about it.

You basically have 2 options no matter how you dress it up, and they are

You can let her fall into the arms of another man and his bed, or

You can fight for her.

If you want to fight, then read on.

Let me tell you about women and what they respond to.
A woman needs only to feel one thing to fall and remain in love with a man.
Do you want to know what that is?

It is passion.

If your lady was in love with you before then you had created passion in her for you. You simply need for her to feel passion for you again, except that most guys do not know how they did it or how to do it again.

So, what is passion, and why is it so important to a woman.

Well, 1st it is important to note where men go wrong with women.

A woman has an emotional brain

Men have a logical brain.

When couples hit a wall in their relationships, men respond with logic. (how can I fix this)

Women respond with emotion (how can I get to feel differently about him again)

The key word is feeling.

At this moment in time your woman is not feeling good around you, you are not and have not been hitting her emotional hot spots in a positive way.

She would have given you plenty of notice that she was not happy, but like most men you have not been trained on how women communicate.

If a woman is being bitchy around you, she is trying to tell you that she is not happy

She may say things like;

You never keep your word
Your stupid
You never do things
I’m bored (you are making her)
I am miserable (You are making her feel miserable)

She will also bring up past mistakes where by you have made her FEEL bad and she will be feeling the same emotional when she brings it up hoping you will respond in the way she wants, you would not have done, again you would have responded with logic.

Like saying.
I am a good provider
I am always here for you
Nobody loves you like I do
These answers or responses never get her attention but always gets her to hate you more.

Let me tell you my story.

When I was 19 years old, I was 2 years into a relationship with a gorgeous sexy woman who I was deeply in love with.

I noticed she was starting to disrespect me, and I did not like it. I had witnessed my friends being disrespected by their girlfriends which the men took, which only made the women disrespect them more.
Oh, and as a side note if a woman is disrespecting you, at that moment she is not feeling any love for you.
Ok, back to my story.

I was not happy with what my girlfriend did, so I decided to tell her, but before I told I made the decision that if she was not receptive then, I was going to walk away from the relationship. Most men can not do this, women need to FEEL there is a line they can not cross with you, and if they cross this line then you walk.
I loved her deeply, she crossed the line and I was going to walk.

How you respect yourself and how much a woman respects you directly correlates to how much she loves you.
No Respect NO LOVE.

So what did my girlfriend do.
She went into panic mode.
She knew I was preparing to leave her.
She came to my work all dolled up, in a short summer dress heels make up done the works.
She asked me to take her back to my apartment, and well…I had a very happy ending!!

As I was laying there afterwards, I thought what the hell happened here. Logic was telling before to act differently, take shit from her. My core masculinity was having none of it.

Men for years have gone against this GOD given masculinity and to be frank, women leave them and end up in another mans bed,
And it is men like me they go to.

Which side of the war do you want to be on mine or yours??

I have used this technique time and time again in its proper format(which I teach) and it always works.
I do hope you are getting it.

Women respond to how you make them feel. If you make them feel good they want you, I you make them feel bad, they reject you.

Let’s look at to types of men.

Beta males TELL women how great he is, how much better he is than other men…blah,blah, blah

The Alpha Male the masculine man. He makes her FEEL that he is the man.He dose not tell her.

And If you did not know how to do it, then you will get rejected every time or be stuck in a loveless relationship.
I know how to get a woman to think about me all the time, and when she is doing this, she feels, love, passion and desire or me. She wants me.

And if you woman meets a man like this, then it is history for you, the only way to fight back is to learn this skill, and it is learnable.

So, do you want to WIN or lose the choice is that simple.

Because I you do not learn this skill, then the pain and frustration you are feeling right now, will only continue, you will lose your woman you are with and any woman who comes into your life

When you learn to understand woman with the secret knowledge I teach, your love life becomes effortless. You will know how to get your woman’s attention, respect and most importantly, LOVE.

My system will teach you what to say, what not to say and how to communicate with your woman perfectly. So, she eels safe, comfortable and relaxed arounds you. She will trust your masculine core.

When you make her feel like this, She will want you, desire you and most importantly fall and remain in love with you.

Is that what you want??

So, who is my Master System for?
All men of all ages and all backgrounds. who want to be fully masculine and attract a woman fully in her feminine
They want to be Mentally, spiritually and Physically Healthier
They want life to Flow, be Easier, more Enjoyable, have more Fun and Connection
They want to take Ownership of their love life and Stop Sabotaging all of the ABOVE !!!

I Reveal to men the true art of attraction. I teach secrets about women that 97% of the world’s men do NOT KNOW. And women do not know about themselves. I show men that women do not know what they emotionally respond to, why they are attracted to masculinity, and how to project this masculinity in full force to get women to chase you due to their high attraction for you.

I made it my life mission at 14 years old to eliminate shyness and fear of women for good. At 16 I had had 10 different girlfriends, ALL of which asked me out, all by understanding what the elite men who date beautiful women do to attract women. My system is tried and tested by me for the last 34 years. I have dated and continue to date women that I want to date, and I teach the same, no matter what your social background, looks or body type.

You'll learn more about yourself in a short period of time than you can do by fumbling through life hoping to change.
You'll have a complete understanding of the attraction method so you can connect the dots on how you have not succeeded women. Thus far And how to eliminate this behaviour for good.
You'll be connected to your core masculinity in a way with heightens your intuition and will give you a massive advantage over your competition. Making you naturally more attractive to women.
You'll feel more confident, self assured and more masculine and you will start accessing your masculinity in ways you never knew.

What is the neext step from here how do you take ACTION??

Well, I am offering a free 45-minute strategy session which you can book right here


I can only work with a limited number of clients, so timing is of the essence. So please take action right NOW and learn how to get that girl.

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