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So touching yet so unbelievable. At first you got to me, but its early and I had a coffee and re-read it.
1. This point got me saying 'wait a minute' He is still paying $300 a month for over 3 years for the airline tickets? A. Thats over 10K, B. They were not charged to fly here in the first place! Right Justin?
So after finding this lie, I thought there must be more
2. The horror and terror your imaginary friend Zeino went through ...... people knocking on his door and trying to break in has terrorized his family? That is terror after seeing his brother-in-law and brother getting slain in front of his eyes? His family has seen the worst and this is scary for them? I have been in those neighbourhoods, they first of all do not bother the normal people, they break into drug houses - the addicts don't bother anyone unless they have drugs or money and your friend 'Zeino' has neither - why do the hoods want in there? Whats he got?
3. They got their rent paid, all bills, food allowance, no bills essentially for 3 years - well what has Zeino done during this time? Fight off the druggies, and protecting his home? Has he just lived like this for 3 years without doing anything at all to change his situation?

I know Syrians, I know all sorts of people, nothing lower than a lawyer though, but Druggies on Hastings actually have a 'code' believe it or not - if there is a child walking down the street, they put away their drugs - that is a fact.

So my question - why if this is true have you not contacted the government? The organization that placed him in this shit-hole? Why has the ministry not helped with the children especially? We all know they have been given this opportunity (deservedly) out of necessity, but this just seems to have gone all wrong.

I do not believe your post is true. You are raising funds for yourself. Pulling on the heart strings of kind hearted Canadians so you can benefit. SHAME ON YOU for exploiting a situation.

Luckily I have a friend with the City of Vancouver Police in the Fraud division that will find your posting very interesting. I suggest you remove your post before she has a chance to view it.

Your post:
Fundraising Campaign Help (Vancouver)
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Hi there
My name is George, I am looking for some help to run a fundraiser for a Syrian refugee residing in Surrey, who’s life conditions and financial situation is really heartbreaking and brings tears to my eyes, every-time I talk to him let alone seeing him.

This man has seen his brother and brother in-law die right in front of his eyes, and escaped death with his children in Syrian.

He escaped to Egypt, and stayed there for a while, then moved to Surrey, Canada. He was resettled by some refugee association out of Vancouver to the most miserable neighbourhoods in Surrey, where violence is an everyday occurrence, people on drugs attempting to break down the door while he and his children and wife where inside, and this happened on many occasions, where the Surrey RCMP were called, but they couldn’t do anything, and they personally told me that the neighbourhood is mostly people on drugs, thugs, violence is an everyday occurrence.

The poor man has no money to move out of the area, to a better neighbourhood, his children were terrified, they have been seeing psychiatrists... His children got to a point where they stopped talking for months because of the fear they witnessed..

This poor guy called “Zeino” is a very good person, that life didn’t treat fairly. He witnessed the horrors with his family and children in Syria, and almost got killed with his entire family. His brother and brother in law got slain in the same room where he and his family were standing... I will leave the rest to your imagination.
A few weeks ago his father in law got kidnapped and nobody knows where he was taken.

This man went through a journey of unimaginable pain and suffering and psychological trauma, to have to suffer again and recollect the past and its horrors, when he already made it to Canada and supposed to be in a healing process to forget the past.
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