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Vegetable and Herb Seed Collections (plus seed potato and cuttings) - $23 (Vancouver)

I have a huge seed collection (most of them less than 4 months old and all of them less than 12 months old), and since all of the seed companies are backordered and have long shipping delays I’d like to offer Vancouver / Lower Mainland gardeners or gardeners-to-be some custom vegetable and herb seed packs. There will be more than enough seeds in each for the home and container gardener, and this way you won’t need to spend lots of money buying a full pack of each type and wait weeks for your order to arrive.

All my seeds are less than a year old, non-GMO, and mostly heirloom with a few hybrids. All of them were selected for growing in Vancouver. I didn't list my full collection so if there's a seed you want that you don't see here, let me know, there's a good chance I have it. I can also include peat pods, starter soil and small peat starter containers for a reasonable price. Pick up is in the South Cambie neighborhood (I will leave them out in a bag for you to maintain social distancing). Let me know if you have any questions!

Organic Seed Collection - for organic gardeners and discerning eaters. Choose 8 vegetables from the list below, $24.
- Organic Igor Brussels Sprouts (add $1)
- Organic Yaya Carrots
- Organic Mardi Cauliflower (add $1)
- Organic Tango Celery
- Organic Suyo Long Cucumbers (add $1)
- Organic 7082 Cucumber (add $1)
- Organic Conserver Shallots (add $1)
- Organic Cabernet Onions
- Organic Parade Scallions
- Organic Brightest Brilliant Quinoa
- Organic Oregon Spring Early Season Tomatoes
- Organic Lettuce varieties: Coastal Star, Romaine Lettuce, Roxy Butterhead, Lovelock Loose-leaf, Ilema Lollo Bionda Eazyleaf (add $1), Capulin Loose-leaf Eazyleaf (add $1), Breen Romaine (add $1).
- Organic Cardinale Crisp-Head Lettuce
- Organic Divergent Cantaloupe (add $2)
- Organic Merlin Beets
- Organic Sage
- Organic Sugar Daddy Snap Peas
- Organic Beauregarde Snow Peas (add $1)
- Organic Robin's Koginut Squash (add $1)
- Organic Giant Winter Spinach
- Organic Mexican Tarragon
- Organic Thyme
- Organic Badger Flame Beet
- Organic Habanada Pepper (add $1)

Herb Collection - 13 seed varieties. $30.
1. Basil - choose between Genovese, Thai Sweet, Kitchen Blend, Lettuce Leaf, Emily, and Mammolo.
2. Organic Sage
3. Summer Savory
4. Lemon Bee Balm / Lemon Bergamot
5. Peppermint
6. Dill
7. Chives
8. Organic Mexican Tarragon
9. Dark Green Italian Parsley
10. Cilantro
11. Fenugreek
12. Rosemary seeds (or cuttings)
13. Thyme seeds (or cuttings)

Salad Lover Collection - Minimum 10 seed types, $25.
- 4 types of lettuce (Your choice)
- Astro Arugula
- 2 types of Kale (Your choice)
- 1 Cucumber
- 1 Tomato variety (Your choice)
- Beet blend
- Beans
- Carrot blend
- Edible flowers

Asian Cooking Seed Collection - 10 seed types. $32
1. Bok Choy - Choose one: Ching Chiang (aka Shanghai) Bok Choy; Hedou Tiny Bok Choy (so cute!); Suzhou Baby; or Purple Lady.
2. Cabbage - Choose one: Hilton Chinese Cabbage; or Taiwan Cabbage.
3. Chinese Kale: Yod Fah
4. Carrots (Choose one): Organic Napoli Carrot; Organic Yaya Carrots; Parisienne Carrot; Kyoto Red; Purple Dragon; Oxheart; Manpukuji; Purple Haze; or a Multi-color blend.
5. Scallions - Choose one: He Shi Ko; Organic Parade.
6. Onions - Choose one: Patterson; Redwing onions; Organic Conserver Shallot; OR Organic Cabernet Onions.
7. Eggplant - Choose one: Malaysian Dark Red; Ping Tung Long; or Nagasaki Long Eggplant.
8. Garlic Chives
9. Thai Sweet Basil
10. Cucumber (choose one): Organic Suyo Long; Olympian; Improved Long Cucumber; Jibai Shimoshirazu Cucumber; Japanese Long Cucumber; Natsu Fushinari Cucumber; Marketmore 76 Cucumber.
Add Cilantro for $2 extra.

Balcony / Container Gardening Collection - 11 seed types. $25
- 1 Kale variety
- 1 Beet variety
- 1 Tomato variety
- 2 Herbs
- 1 Carrot variety
- 1 Scallion variety
- Bok Choy “Suzhou Baby”
- 1 Bean or Snap Pea variety
- 2 Lettuce varieties

Easy to Grow Beginner Collection - $30. Collection for busy gardeners and beginner gardeners that includes 10 seed types, and either 1) 12 small jiffy pots and a small bag of seedling soil or 2) peat pod blocks in starter tray. I’ve had lots of success with the seeds below.

- Organic beets
- Carrot blend (2 types)
- Tri-colour Bush Bean blend
- Squash blend (3 types)
- Snow Peas or Snap Peas
- Lettuce (2 types)

Holiday Feast Collection - Grow your own ingredients for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 16-18 seed types + 1 seed potato. $38.

- Honey Select Corn
- Organic “Igor” Brussel Sprouts
- “Aspabroc” Broccolini
- Organic Cauliflower
- Carrots: I can do a blend of Organic Yaya (orange), “Purple Haze” and “Kyoto Red”. Or just one type if you prefer.
- “Patterson Storage” Onion
- “Jack Be Little” Pumpkin
- Choose 4 types of squash:
“Sweet Dumpling” Squash
“Sucrine du Berry” Squash
Butternut Rogosa Violina “Gioia” Squash
Robin’s Koginut Squash
Butternut Waltham Squash
898 Experimental Squash from Row7 Seeds
- “Purple Prince” Turnip
- Beets
- Tricolour Bush Beans
- Organic Sage
- Dill
- 1 Certified Seed Potato

Flower Seed Collection (great for Mother's Day!) - $22. Choose 10 flowers.
- Agastache - Licorice Mint. 50 seeds.
- Ammi - Bishop's Flower. 60 seeds.
- Cosmos - Early Sensation Mix. 15 seeds.
- Lavender - Dwarf Munstead. 15 seeds.
- French Lavender. Add $2. 10 seeds.
- Linum - Charmer Mix. 20 seeds.
- Morning Glory - Heavenly Blue (ideal for trellis, arbors, fences and poles). 10 seeds.
- Nasturtium - Tip Top Alaska Salmon. 10 seeds.
- Stocks - Night Scented Matthiola (fragrant flowers in shades of soft lilac, pink and white). 50 seeds.
- Sunflowers: Mammoth Grey Striped. 5 seeds.
- Sunflowers: Autumn Beauty (mix of gold-yellow, reds and browns). 6 seeds.
- Sweet Peas - Painted Ladies. 10 seeds.
- Viola - Back to Black. 20 seeds.
- Wildflowers blend - Choose from either Bee Garden Blend (18 species), Hummingbird Blend, Shade Mix, or Bumble Bee Blend. 1 gram.

Seeds are new, fresh, and properly stored, but of course I must say that I can’t guarantee your success.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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