10/21: God must have saved her for an important mission.

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God must have saved her for an important mission.

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There is an incoming tsunami of lithium battery fire lawsuits headed for Canada.  The first waves have just landed.  The USA has many plaintiff firms specializing in ebike battery fires already.  Some US landlords and municipalities have also banned ebikes.

Landlords are in the middle of this lithium-lawsuit tsunami. In one case that I could find, the landlord's insurer did not defend its insured, which cost the condo owner ~$75K for a small balcony fire caused by a tenant.

In my layman's view, the Notice of Civil Claim, in Sharples v. Daymak and Royer Batteries, casts a superb net that could apply to similar-fact cases, or even the ebike industry.

I applaud the plaintiff's courage and the plaintiff's lawyers' skill in pursuing this complex matter. 

Unfortunately there are facts not known to battery lay people regarding ebike and escooter batteries that one or more sellers have suppressed and have recently even threatened to sue for defamation. 

This is Rob's Repairs Vancouver show contact info .  No, I do no sell any ebikes or parts thereof.  I do reprogram complex lithium-powered stairlifts.  Am hosting a free ebike battery thermal checkup on March 21st at 5128 Joyce starting 4pm. With balloons and possibly facepainting for kids. I also intend to host monthly discussions for small landlords who are caught in the legal middle of lithium fire lawsuits. Btw, USA lawsuits over ebike batteries are now commonplace. Ebike riders are banned by some landlords and jurisdictions. Imo licensing and choosing "name brands" will not end 'burning ebikes'. To wit, potted (glued-down) batteries by the biggest ebike maker have not prevented ebike fires. Ebike fires destroying homes have been known for years, from posts on endless-sphere, which has very recently censored (deleted) burning-ebike posts. But there is a non-burning battery alternative that I successfully completed circa 2011, with 100% technical details available publicly for free, in evalbum.com  which is a visual database for electric vehicles.

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