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FOREIGN Arthouse CLASSIC western CULT dvd Collection (downtown)

media type: dvd

Selling my gigantic collection of interesting movies on dvds.
These are all original releases with their artwork included.
Price is 4/$20 firm with a minimum purchase of $20.
You pickup downtown.

Craigslist flagged my ad for being too long - message for N-Z titles.

2001 Space Odyssey – Stanley Kubrick
3:10 to Yuma – Glenn Ford

Accused, The – Jodie Foster
Adventures in Babysitting
Affair of the Necklace – Hilary Swank
Affair to Remember – Cary Grant
Alien – Ridley Scott
All About Eve – Bette Davis
All dogs go to heaven – double feature – Don Bluth
American Gangster
American in Paris – Gene Kelly
Anything Goes
Apocalypse Now Redux

Bad Lieutenant – Keitel Ferrera
Barry Lyndon – Stanley Kubrick
Beetlejuice – Tim Burton
Ben Hur
Bernie – Linklater
Beyond Therapy – Robert Altman
Big Country – Gregory Peck
Big Trouble in Little China – John Carpenter
Bite the Bullet – Gene Hackman
Blade Runner – 2 dvd Final Cut
Blue Velvet – David Lynch
Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Audrey Hepburn
Bridge At Remagen – George Segal
Bridge Too Far – War - Richard Attenborough
Broken Wings – Nir Bergman
Bronco Billy – Clint Eastwood
Bronson – Nicholas Winding Refn
Brotherhood of the Wolf – French
Bullitt – Steve McQueen
Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid

Cabaret – Liza Minnelli
Calendar – Atom Egoyan
Carnage – Polanski
Casablanca – Bogart
Casino Royale – Peter Sellers
Cassandra’s Dream – Woody Allen
Cheech and Chong – Nice Dreams
Cheech and Chong – Up in Smoke
Chinatown – Nicholson – Polanski
Chisum – John Wayne
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang – Dick Van Dyke
City of Men – Brazil
Clash of the Titans – Olivier
Cleopatra – Elizabeth Taylor
Clockwork Orange – Stanley Kubrick
Coco Chanel & Stravinsky – France
Comancheros – John Wayne
Counterfeiters – Germany
Cowboys – John Wayne
Crime Novel – Italy
Crime Story – Pilot – Michael Mann / Abel Ferrera
Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Darjeeling Limited – Wes Anderson
Dark Crystal – Jim Henson
Day Of the Jackal
Day the Earth Stood Still – 1951
Day Watch – Russia
Death Wish 3 – Charles Bronson
Deliverance – Burt Reynolds
Departed, The – Martin Scorsese
Dick Tracy
District 13 – France
Doctor Zhivago – 2 disc special edition
Dog Day Afternoon – Al Pacino
Dr Strangelove – Stanley Kubrick

Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton
Europa – Lars Von Trier – Region 2
Everywhere + Nowhere – Manhaj Huda

F.I.S.T – Stallone
Fantastic Mr Fox – Wes Anderson
Far From Heaven – Todd Haynes
Fatal Instinct – Carl Reiner
First Deadly Sin – Sinatra
Footnote – Joseph Cedar
Force 10 Navarone – Harrison Ford
Fort Apache Bronx – Paul Newman
French Connection – Gene Hackman
Full Metal Jacket – Stanley Kubrick

Gandhi – Ben Kingsley
Gentleman’s Agreement – Gregory Peck
Ghost Writer – Roman Polanski
Gigi – Vincent Minnelli
Godfather – Coppola
Godfather Part 2 – Coppola
Godfather part 3 – Coppola
Gomorrah – Italy
Gosford Park – Robert Altman
Great Escape – Steve McQueen
Great Lover – Bob Hope
Greatest Story Ever Told

His Secret Life – Gay – Italy
Hot Fuzz / Shaun of the Dead
Howard the Duck – George Lucas
Hustler, The – Paul Newman

I served King of England – Czech
Inglorious Basterds – Tarantino
Intacto – Spain
Iron Giant – Animated
Isn’t She Great – Bette Midler

Jaws – Steven Spielberg
Julia – Sylvia Kristel

Kramer vs Kramer

La Vie En Rose – France
Labyrinth – David Bowie – Jim Henson
Lady Vanishes – Hitchcock
Last Station
Lawrence of Arabia
Lemon Drop Kid – Bob Hope
Life Aquatic – Criterion – Wes Anderson
Life During Wartime – Todd Solonz
Logan’s Run
Lonesome Dove – Robert Duvall
Long Riders – Carradine
Lord of the Rings – Animated – Ralph Bakshi
Love in the Time of Cholera – Javier Bardem
Lucia Lucia – Spain

Magnificent Seven
Man who knew too much - Hitchcock
Man Who Would be King – Connery / Caine
Man with the Golden Arm – Sinatra
Maria Full of Grace – Columbia
Mash – Robert Altman
Masters of Horror – Clive Barker
Masters of Horror – Dream Cruise
Masters of Horror – Joe Dante
Masters of Horror – John Landis
Masters of Horror – Lucky McKee
Masters of Horror – Right to Die
Masters of Horror – Stuart Gordon
Masters of Horror – Tobe Hooper
Match Point
Maverick – James Garner
McLintock – John Wayne
Melinda and Melinda
Midnight Cowboy – Dustin Hoffman
Missing in Action – Chuck Norris
Mommie Dearest
Motel – Michael Kang
Mr Smith Goes to Washington – James Stewart
Music Man – Robert Preston
My Son What Have Ye Done – Werner Herzog
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