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Hockey, Hockey & more Hockey (Gretz, Orr, Howe, Hull)) - $1,234 (near coquitlam city hall)


condition: excellent

Out to the GOLF course for the Canucks again but wait until next year. Where have you heard that before? The Battle of Alberta is over. What are the odds that the Oilers will make it to the Stanley Cup? CM is a force that is hard to stop.

A HOCKEY book would make an excellent pressie for the "Hockey fanatic" in your life. Grab a good hockey book, a brew or glass of vino, relax & learn more about Canada's game while watching the playoffs.

Just added 1A.The Montreal Canadiens - Claude Mouton (hardcover) $25
1987 printing. Illustrated history of a hockey dynasty. This is a beauty!!!!

B.Brain Games Hockey Puzzles (see pic softcover) $10

1.Overtime The Legend of Guy Lafleur - Georges & Herbert Germain (softcover) $3
2.The Flakes of Winter - Stan Fischler (softcover) $2
3.Against All Odds - P.J.Naworkynski (softcover) $3
4.The Hockey Book - Sports Illustrated (hardcover) $10
5.The Days Canada Stood Still - Scott Morrison (hardcover) $5
6.Phil Esposito Thunder & Lightning - Phil Esposito & Peter Golenbock (hardcover) $4
7.Don Cherry's Hockey Stores & Stuff (hardcover 2008) $4
8.Grapes A Vintage View of Hockey by Don Cherry with Stan Fischler (hardcover) $4
9.Hockey, Heroes And Me - Red Fisher (hardcover) $4
10.Love This Team Canucks 02.03 (hardcover) $4
11.Connor McDavid Hockey's Next Great One - Rob Soria (softcover) $2
12.Gretzky an Autobiography - Wayne Gretzky with Rick Reilly (hardcover) $5
13.Gretzky's Tears - Stephen Brunt (hardcover) $5
14.99 Stories of the Game - Wayne Gretzky with Kirstie McLellan Day (hardcover) $5
15.Howe - Gordie & Colleen Howe (hardcover) $10
16.Nine Lessons I Learned from my Father - Murray Howe (hardcover) $5
16A.Mr.Hockey Gordie Howe My Story - Gordie Howe (hardcover) $4
17.Number Four Bobby Orr - Sports Illustrated (softcover) $5
18.Searching for Bobby Orr - Stephen Brunt (hardcover) $5
19.Orr my Story - Bobby Orr (hardcover) $6
20.Thunder and Lightning - Phil Esposito (hardcover) $5
21.The Devil and Bobby Hull - Gare Joyce (hardcover) $5
22.The Kid* - Shawna Richer (softcover) $4
* we all know who that is but he's not a kid anymore
23.Mario - Lawrence Martin (hardcover) $5
23A.Vancouver Canucks The First Twenty Years - Norm Jewison & Bill Cunningham (hardcover) $5

24B.Ice Storm - Bruce Dowbiggin (softcover) $3
The Rise & Fall of the Greatest Vancouver Hockey Team Ever

24.Tiger in the Kitchen - Tiger Williams & Kasey Wilson (softcover) $4
25.Hockey Soups - Soup Recipes from Around the World by IIHF (hardcover) $5*
*for the Hockey Fan who loves to cook soups on those cold winter days.
26.Now I’m Catching On - Bob Cole (hardcover) $5
27.Hockey's Top 10 - text Andrew Podnieks (hardcover) $5
28.The Best of Hockey Night in Canada - Stephen Cole (hardcover) $5
29.My Greatest Day - 50 People & 50 Great Moments - Scott Morrison (hardcover) $4
30.By the Numbers - Scott Morrison (hardcover) $3
31.Champions The Illustrated History of Hockey's Greatest Dynasties - Douglas Hunter (hardcover) $5
32.Hockey's Greatest Teams - Andrew Podnieks (hardcover) $5
33.Hockey The Official Book of the Game (hardcover) $4
34.For the Love of Hockey - compiled by Chris McDonell (hardcover) $5
35.Official Guide to Players of the Hockey Hall of Fame (softcover) $3
36.Go to the Net Eight Goals That Changed the Game - Al Strachan (hardcover) $4
37.The Complete Encyclopedia of Hockey - edit by Zander Hollander & Hal Bock - 3rd ed (hardcover) $6
38.20th Century Hockey Chronicle Collectors Edition, foreward by Gordie & Coleen Howe (hardcover) $6
39.Century of Hockey Heroes James Duplacey, Eric Zweig (softcover) $4
40.The Official Illustrated NHL History - Arthur Pincus (hardcover) $10
41.50 Years of Hockey - Brian McFarlane (hardcover 1967) $12
42.Great Stanley Cup Victories - Rich Mole (softcover) $3
43.Legends of Hockey - The Official Book of the Hockey Hall of Fame - Michael McKinley (hardcover) $8
44.Hockey a People's History - Michael McKinley (hardcover) $5
45.Growing Up Hockey - Brian Kennedy (softcover) $3
46.Road Games - a Year in the Life of the NHL - Roy MacGregor (hardcover) $5
47.The Joy of Hockey (1978) - Eric Nicol & Dave More (hardcover, condition good) $offers
49.Hockey Towns - Bill Boyd (softcover) $3
50.Tropic of Hockey - Dave Bidini (hardcover) $5
51.The Game I’ll Never Forget - Chris McDonell (softcover) $3
52.Heroes & History - Stan & Shirley Fischer (softcover) $3
53.The Making of Champions - Robert Oliver (hardcover) $3
54.Now I’m Catching On - Bob Cole (hardcover) $5
55.For the Love of Hockey - Chris McDonell (hardcover) $5
56.Hockey’s Book of Firsts - James Duplacey (hardcover) $5
57.The Official National Hockey League 75th Commeremorative Book - Dan Diamond (hc) $10
58.Portraits of the Game - Andrew Podnieks (hardcover) $8
59.Cornered Hijinks, Highlights, Late Nights & Insights - Ron MacLean (hardcover) $4
60.Hockey Shorts (1001 funniest one-liners) - Glenn Liedman (hardcover) $4
61.Tales of a First-Round Nothing - Terry Ryan (softcover) $3
62.One Hundred Years of Hockey - Brian McFarland (hardcover) $8
63.A Great Game-the Forgotten Leafs - Stephen Harper (hardcover) $6
64.100 Great Moments in Hockey - Brian Kendall (hardcover) $5
65.Best of the Original Six - Brian McFarlane (hardcover) $4
66.The Official NHL Stanley Cup Centennial Book - Dan Diamond (hardcover) $10
67.Ultimate Hockey - Glenn Weir, Jeff Chapman & Travis Weir (softcover) $5
68.King Leary - Paul Quarrington (softcover) $3
69.The Rivalry Canadiens vs Leafs - Stan Fischler (hardcover) $5
70.More Bad Boys - Stan Fischler (softcover) $3
71.The Rules of Hockey - James Duplacey (softcover) $2
72.Greatest Hockey Quiz Book Ever - Ron Wight (softcover) $2
73.Day in the Life of the National Hockey League - Lisa Dillman (hardcover) $10
74.Hockey Confidential - Bob McKenzie (hardcover) $3
75.Everyday Hockey Heroes - Bob McKenzie & Jim Lang (hardcover) $3
76.Calling the Shots Memoirs of an NHL Referee - Bruce Hood (hardcover) $2
77.J.R. The Fast, Crazy Life of Hockey’s Most Outspoken - Jeremy Roenick (hardcover) $3
78.Finding Murph - Rick Westhead (hardcover) $3
79.Journeyman - Sean Pronger (hardcover) $3
80.All Roads Lead to Hockey - Bill Boyd (hardcover) $3
81.The NHL A Centennial History - D’Arcy Jenish (hardcover) $5
82.The Love of Hockey - James Duplacey (hardcover) $3
83.Hockey Towns - Ron MacLean (hardcover) $3
84.Hockey's Top 100 Game;s Greatest Records - Don Weekes & Kerry Banks (softcover) $2

85.The Hockey Encyclopedia - Gary Ronberg (hardcover) $13

First edition, published in 1974 by Macmillan, New York. Special photography by Melchior DiGiacomo. Includes hundreds of photos and stats from the NHL and WHL. Over 290 pages.

Hockey Games:
1.The Hockey General Manager Game - $7
2.Hockey Trivia game - Dan Russell also $8
3.All About Hockey - National Hockey League trivia game $7

Most books are in excellent condition. A couple look like they have been used as hockey pucks...just joking.

You will find lots of book content details if googled. Create a large HOCKEY reference library & make me an offer for the lot. Minimum order 5 books.

  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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