Vintage Audio Equipment Restoration for Tired Gear over 35 years old (Maple Ridge)

11681 - 225st near north ave.

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Vintage Audio Equipment Restore and Rebuild Service! For 60s to 80s Power Hi-Fi.
- For Vintage Audio Receivers, Amplifiers TUBE or SOLID STATE off the Net or E-Bay too:
If the Machine has not been Rebuilt by this Time the Sound Quality is UP TO 20% or More Lost.
Unless you Had A New One you cannot Compare to a Fresh One!
- Receivers - Amplifiers - Control Amplifiers - Tuners - Speaker Recone - Guitar Amps and Related Gear.
----------------- !!!!!!!!!!!!
- READ THIS please BEFORE you TURN THEM ON or Run these used Machines Hard.
- Read This about What a Restored Vintage Audio Electronics Stereo or Any Amplifiers Receivers including Guitar Amps
should have done or issues will Reappear after a Simple Fix and Clean.
- My service removes Factory Flaws and AGE DECAY of ASSEMBLY Parts, Cooling and Circuit Boards over time.
This is a Prime Failure Point of All Older Gear such as your 70s Sound System.
I restore the New Wet Warm Fresh function
as well as RESTORE decayed Circuit boards where Decay has caused most of the Solder to turn to SLAG or gone.
The Pics show several where Heat and Oxidation created with
Moisture and Acid Mixes that Eats Solder away as vapors. You can see this clear and is
not some only here issue. This is the main cause of System failures such as Power Amps
in your Receiver's and Integrated Amplifiers including Music Instrument - Guitar Amps.
Many are Sold as Tested and Operational with a Clean Job. That may work but is limited by
what Decay has already Inset into a Given Unit or used Older Audio Machine.
CAPS at this AGE now Require All Replaced of the smaller sizes as their Life is ended over 40 years.
Lost Cooling ability as the Factory Materials Decay away is the:
Main Reason Amps and Receivers fail!! to about 95% of the Time. Including the Solder !
I go threw all Solder Points of a given Unit to Blue Print the Works which I also do on Mechanical Parts
That increases the Toughness of the Device and the Ability to Drive or Pound Hard as When New.
I have proved this over and over since 62 when I started into Electronics and Machines which for me was a natural gift I get it with a full understanding at a deep level.
- Solder on the circuit Boards dos several things which must be maintained for Longevity and quality use at Higher Power than any = model of the same machine type.
1 - Secures the Parts in a Physically stable state.
2 - Creates a Proper Electrical connection based on the Current and Voltage application.
3 - Cools the Parts by Heat dissipation and this prevents Bias Changes in Amps or loss
of some protection function or a Dead Short of Power Outputs etc.
You purchase a unit used and not long after your into a major cost to fix or it may be trashed
as the Repair cost is greater than the Machine cost. preventable.
If your Machine Amp etc. is now operational then it is the best time to do
Preventative Maintenance full Tune if it is 20 years or More in Age.
I also Do New China Junk to remove the Corrosion from units
Brand New but Toxic Green in the Box. I have a Video on this called - China Junk Works.
I will send you a copy if in doubt.
REBUILDS include A full Redo of the Power Sections to restore the Cooling Function etc. Greases and Oils.
Re Soldering Boards up to refill the Solder is a Time Related issue.
Lamps are extra and I have all the need types for most Receiver Dashes and Dial indicators etc.
I carry Fuse - Wire - Wedge - Screw plus others.
I carry a Major Load of LEDs to create Custom Dash Lighting like the Marantz 2215 unit.
I create these from scratch and I diffuse the Led's so there are No Hot Spots as you see
with the typical 3 Led Store bought Replacement versions. Check out Sets of the same for sale
that have been converted using those Store bought verses my version here.
My version costs a little more but gives the best results and I also
do the Dial Stereo Indicators that switch Red-White etc.
I carry all Colors and RGB in Round and Rectangle to suit a given Receiver fix Application.
--- These are areas that remove flaws and turn your Amp or receiver into a Serious version
of a given Model. I will put a Fully Restored unit up against any other Similar Models for Performance ability.
When they Run with things tuned correctly then getting 10-15% more Clean Power is
easy without the worry of using your system at Hi Power.
If your are serious about your Equipment then this is a highly recommended tweak to your stuff.
Sort of Like the 200K overhaul on your Car.
I have saved 100s of units from the Dump and revived to New Operation
and Never had a unit Fail that has been serviced by this work.
If you use this service you are welcome to compare with Any Other.
I do this work to many different types of Electronic and Mechanical machines.
I specialize in the Fine Tune Rebuild.
--- thanks
Vern's Vintage Works.
Vern Jackson 604 467-8156
Note: Restores I am Running about a 2 month load of work,
Also the Odd machine after a restore may again have and issue again. Usually not but some part damaged
previously or weakened in a machine may not be detectable as bad at the time.
In that case I will rework that area NC and only parts that are or may be required is a minor additional cost of those parts.
-------------------------- .
Electronics and Amplifier Building rebuilding since 62.
I Restore to almost 100% perfection where possible.

You are welcome to check with Me to verify if I did a Restore or Not to a Known Machine.
If your machine has No Physical Damage I can in most cases repair and substitute many parts to make it work.
So before you Sell it Off as not repairable or Restorable give me a call or text with details.
I have restored machines that were claimed Not Possible But saved the client from loosing their collector Audio Gear.
Testimonies below are a few of the Results of a Restored Audio System.

Hi Vern,
Promised a little written testimony to your craft...

First off, if you love recorded music, if you love the objects that bring recorded music alive,
you need to know Vern Jackson of Maple Ridge.

I was the lucky inheritor/purchaser of three Marantz pieces from the "70's that for the last
ten years or so have given me great pleasure musically. Friends would ask after hearing music what
it was that was reproducing the music so well. Seventies gear...the era when quality went
in before working out cost measures. For the last three years, my vintage gear was beginning
to show signs of age and so I took it to places that boasted about how "quality" their work was,
how they knew about vintage audio gear.

They didn't. Oh they fixed what was wrong, but the old Marantz 2325 would come back with something
else wrong with it. I gave up.
Then I saw Vern Jackson's ad on Craigslist, and thought I'll take a chance.

It was the best chance I ever took in audio gear restoration.
Vern's work is akin to magic....after his restore job the 2325 regained a life, a sound that
is truly hard to believe. The units Vern restores are restored with such great care and experience
that when you get it back it is like getting it back when it was new . It even smells new.
It runs cool. Everything is "solid" and sounding like it has not sounded in years.

I could write more, but like being a teenager again I have to get back to listening to that vinyl
recording of John Mayall. Who do I have to thank for this? Vern Jackson. If you have audio gear
that you prize, you owe it to yourself to have Vern restore it.

If you ever set up a web page, or put an ad out, use this.

The 140 is sounding fabulous, and looking beautiful again. Attached is a pic of the 2226 (with bulbs burnt out) that is acting as a pre-amp for the 140. It will be the next in order of restore, then I attached some pics of the Harmon Kardon tube amp that needs attention....
As soon as I get some funds together for this, I'll bring em your way!!!
Rob B.
April/16 - Luxman 80V Integrated Amplifier restored for another client.
after getting home and turning it on.
- - - - - - -
Thanks Vern for bringing my amp back to life!!!
You are amazing and will definitely keep you in our contact list and pass your name on.
Have a great evening !
Tricia K.
- - - - - - - 2nd note: same client
You made my day!!! Week or month!
We are listening to my old lLp's - sounds like new!!!
So grateful





Tricia K.
Restored a 4400 Marantz Scope receiver for: April/16

Hey Vern my receiver is unbelievably awesome. I want to thank you.
And also i would be super interested in the jbl speaker u sent a pic of with the white speakers

Kyle G.
Purchased my Restore Luxman Receiver: April / 16:
-Very nice, you've got quite the collection! Clearly you've been doing this while,
and your workmanship is amazing. The Luxman R-114 is beautiful.

Thanks again
Glenn R.
Hi Vern, the JVC is AWESOME. Just fired it up this morn. I'm very happy about that!
Thank you so much. You did an amazing job. . . in fact I didn't think it could ever work that well again.

Going to have a run through your neon with my wife. . . perhaps I can convince her to get at least one more.
Will be in touch soon.


Glenn R.

Above are several who have used my refresh/restore service and purchased Gear that has been restored to
a ready to use full tilt machine. This service gives you the true sound potential of what your machine was designed for. vj/16

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