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Dog Trainer and Behaviourist - Anxiety, Aggression, Dominance & Puppy (North Shore and Vancouver)

Dog Trainers and Behaviourists - Pack Power Behaviour Therapy

We offer puppy training, obedience training, behavioural modification and socialization training using our balanced pack of Siberian Huskies. We specialize in correcting anxious, aggressive, dominant, hyperactive & obsessive canine issues.

We provide 1-on-1 training with you and your dog so that you receive focussed attention, direction and results.We are experts at what we do with many years of experience in transforming the full spectrum of canine (and human) issues into healthy, balanced and functional realities.


We use a combination of positive reinforcement, gentle and ethical correctional techniques and exposure and integration into our extremely well-balanced and well-trained family of Siberian Huskies (Sky - the mother, Phoenix - the father and Ocean & Orca - the two brothers). Dogs with unbalanced behaviours learn best when they are integrated into a balanced pack (especially a balanced family) of dogs where the human leader supports, guides and reinforces healthy pack dynamics.

We look forward to hearing from and helping you.

Dylan, Darijan and the Dogs :-)

Regular Pricing:

1 Session $300+GST
Package of 5 Sessions $1,100+GST ($400 discount)

Note: Minimum $25 travel fee applies to clients living OUTSIDE of the North Shore OR you can come to meet us at one of our North or West Vancouver training locations for no additional fee.


The Trainers

Dr. Dylan Northstar
Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
Naturopathic Doctor (ND)
B.Sc. Microbiology/Immunology

Darijan Northstar
Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
Health & Lifestyle Consultant
B.Sc. Psychology, Business & Biology

The Pack

We are presently the proud parents of 5 animals: 4 well-balanced and mannered Siberian Huskies and one calm, confident and friendly cat:

Sky - The Mother (9 years old)
Phoenix - The Father (9 years old)
Orca - The Oldest Brother (7 years old)
Ocean - The Youngest Brother (5 years old)
Mojo - Snowshoe Cat (10 years old)

The Philosophy

We base our training on a loving, respectful, patient, and consistent approach using positive reinforcement and an incremental reward system. We do NOT base our training on "Dominance Theory", as dog behaviour and psychology is far more complex and dynamic than this outdated theory implies. We essentially teach our clients how to be the best parents/leaders to their dogs in an intuitive, instinctual and scientifically based manner. We do this by teaching our clients how to properly understand their dog's behaviours, messages, needs and desires in a calm, assertive, compassionate and ethical manner. It is also vital to know that there is no one-size fits all approach to dog training and, in particular, behaviour modification as each dog's situation is going to be unique based on its breed, temperament, history and human/dog family dynamic. Furthermore, most dogs are removed from their birth parents very early on (often at 8 weeks and sometimes earlier) and are put into a household of humans and primarily learn to read and understand human communication and body language. Without being constantly immersed in and exposed to a canine family or provided with proper guidance and socialization, many dogs essentially never learn or are deficient in appropriate canine cues and communication which can often lead to many behavioural problems and maladaptation. This is where our Pack Power Behaviour Therapy method shines and stands out.

We focus on handling dogs with calm-assertive energy and teach dog parents to understand the natural needs, behaviours and responses of their dog. Based on the premise that dogs are social/pack animals, we assist dog parents in establishing their role as calm, confident and conscientious parents/pack leaders.

Our entire process can be summarized in the following steps:

It all starts with a simple phone call. Once we've spoken with you over the phone and acquired a brief description about the situation, we head over to your house to do an initial consultation. There, we meet you, your dog and any children or relatives that reside with you on a regular basis. We then get you to share the dog's history, temperament and behaviour issues. By listening to and observing the situation, we interpret and demystify your dog's many layers of disconnection and misinterpretation that may or may not be apparent to you. We then educate you on your own potential contributions to the dog's issues and how to properly read and interpret your dog's behaviour, energy and body language as you will need to take the consistent role as the human pack leader when we are not around.

Depending on your dog's severity of aggression and/or reactivity we use a graduated muzzle system in order to aptly protect ourselves, our pack and the public's dogs. This unfolds in the following manner: short-leash with a muzzle, short-leash with no muzzle, extendable-leash with muzzle, extendable-leash without muzzle, off-leash with muzzle and finally off-leash with no muzzle. Each step along the way, the progression of the dog and the reliability of their shift will determine how fast we move through the process, their is no one-size fits all.

Once we have a good understanding about your situation, we proceed to interact with your dog ourselves to establish a bond we like to call "Sahelu" in which the dog trusts us enough to physically touch and interact with them. Once this trust has been established, we introduce our pack on your dog's own turf to challenge them and allow for any reactions to happen as this gives us both a better visual understanding of the severity of the problem and the opportunity to correct the behaviour and establish us and our pack as the leaders. We do our corrections in an ethical and non-aggressive manner that we replicate from observing healthy balanced canine families which is always naturally and rapidly understood by the dog without causing any undue stress or harm. The pack intervenes simultaneously both through body language and at times physically. By having the dog respect our pack's dynamic and hierarchy in its own home, then it's far more prone to observe and follow our pack's lead while we are out in public. This preparation with the pack is an absolutely essential part of the process - one can compare it to the process of child development and maturity on a more primordial level. Your dog learns its place in the pack and begins to mirror their behaviour as a child would if it was placed into a social group of friends who are mature, confident, calm and assertive.

The approach we take during the rest of the sessions involves us putting your dog in situations where we know they will be triggered repeatedly, allowing us once again an opportunity to direct your dog to behave in an appropriate manner and mark the positive behaviour when it happens over and over again. With time, your dog's aggression, fear, anxiety and other behavioural issues dissipate and transform into more balanced behaviours. We also utilize various other tools in our tool belt should they be warranted - obedience training, clicker/whistler training, structured leashed pack walks where your dog is placed in the middle of our balanced pack, exercise including hiking, running, biking, rollerblading, swimming, fetch etc, the buddy-system where your dog is connected with one of our dogs (great for recall training) and more.

In the end, we have your dog that previously had extremely anxious, aggressive or antisocial behaviour running happily and freely with our pack and other dogs that it meets and you who feels liberated, empowered and elated. This is truly a a magical process to witness and be part of.
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