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Nutrafin® Cycle® Biological Aquarium Supplement 16.9 oz - $25 (WEST VANCOUVER)


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condition: new

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Brand new in sealed bottle. $25 each.
2 for $45.
This high-concentration formula goes to work immediately to rid your aquarium of toxic ammonia and nitrites to help establish a safe environment for your fish to thrive. The all-natural formula is safe for humans and fish, and can be used in both fresh- and saltwater environments.
Regular application of this Nutrafin Cycle Biological Aquarium Supplement helps to establish and maintain a healthy and safe aquatic environment for your fish. The fast-acting formula releases beneficial bacteria that work to eliminate harmful ammonia, nitrites and undesirable bacteria from the water, so you can introduce new fish quickly. The supplement is not harmful to plants, fish or humans, so it is safe for regular use to create a biologically well-balanced aquarium.

Releases fast-acting beneficial bacteria that help eliminate toxic ammonia, nitrites and undesirable bacteria for a healthy aquatic environment
Safe for use in fresh- and saltwater aquariums
Ideal for establishing safe conditions in new aquariums
Bio-floc technology helps preserve stability, efficacy and shelf life for consistent results
All-natural formula is not harmful to plants, fish or humans for safe use

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