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Brand New stock -beauty girl doll introduction
This 125-170 CM doll is made of TPE material. The TPE material is the material closest to human skin. It is smoother and more elastic than silica gel. It is not an inflatable doll,but a real doll that simulates the human body. The joints inside are made of iron. Flexible,as flexible as human joints,weighing 15-50kg
Elastomer is a material with high elasticity,high strength,high resilience and the characteristics of injection mold processing. It has environmental protection,non-toxic safety,wide hardness range,excellent coloring property,soft touch,weather resistance,fatigue resistance and temperature resistance. It has excellent processing performance,no need for vulcanization,and can be recycled to reduce costs. It can be used for double injection molding. It can be coated with a base material such as PP,PE,PC,PS or ABS,or it can be molded separately.Eden Beauty Star Doll Introduction:
The products are mainly star beauty dolls,all solid materials,better than silicone,completely the same as human skin,the only difference is smoother and more flexible than human skin. When my girlfriend came back,we found the same problem when we were in the same room. Because my impotence is terrible,if I use dolls,I can replace my girlfriend,then what about my girlfriend? It is estimated that only her laid-off or me TPE entity doll,refused to go outside;another thing,the weather began to cold,I did not heat because of laziness,so I bought some wine (mouth wash liquid can also drink)myself Some,put some of the lower body of the woman's doll,and also infused some olive oil,and finally found the wonderful,not only the following is not cold,but also help me to increase the thickness,disinfection to stop the bacteria,wonderful! We have 125-170CM different star beauty dolls,125CM has been $1200 before,now half price promotion,only sell for $600.others is over one thousand dollar
产品主要是明星美女娃娃,全部实体材料,比硅胶还要好,完全跟人体皮肤一样,唯一不同是比人体皮肤光滑和有弹性,当我女朋友回来,我们同房的时候,我发现我出问题了,因为我阳痿了真可怕,如果使用娃娃性方面,可以代替我的女朋友、那我的女朋友怎么办?估计只有被她下岗或者我吧TPE实体娃娃,拒之门外;另外一件事情,天气开始冷了,我因为懒惰没有加热哪里,于是我就买了一些酒(mouth wash 液体也可以)自己喝一些,再放一些在女人娃娃下体哪里,还注入了一些橄榄油,终于发现奇妙无比,不仅下面没有受寒,而且还帮助我增粗增大,消毒止住细菌,美妙绝伦!我们有125-170CM的不同明星美女娃娃,
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