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8/16-8/29: How a Zerohedge Member uses Devices for Hypoxia Indicator (Online Zoom or Jitsi video conference apps)

At Zerohedge, you may have seen that US doctors stated that the Chloroquinine or Hydroquinine protocols are effective only for the first 10 hours after hospitalization. Dr. Cameron Kyle-Siddell revealed hypoxia as the problem.

"One doctor treating COVID-19 patients in New York says it was like altitude sickness. It was “as if tens of thousands of my fellow New Yorkers are stuck on a plane at 30,000 feet and the cabin pressure is slowly being let out. These patients are slowly being starved of oxygen,” said Cameron Kyle-Sidell, MD, an emergency room and critical care doctor at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn who has been posting about his experience on social media."

"Whyte: This is more like a high-altitude sickness. Is that right?
Kyle-Sidell: Yes. The patients in front of me are unlike any patients I've ever seen., and I've seen a great many patients and have treated many diseases. You get used to seeing certain patterns, and the patterns I was seeing did not make sense. This originally came to me when we had a patient who had hit what we call our trigger to put in a breathing tube, meaning she had displayed a level of hypoxia of low oxygen levels where we thought she would need a breathing tube. Most of the time, when patients hit that level of hypoxia, they're in distress and they can barely talk; they can't say complete sentences. She could do all of those and she did not want a breathing tube. So she asked that we put it in at the last minute possible. It was this perplexing clinical condition: When was I supposed to put the breathing tube in? When was the last minute possible? All the instincts as a physician—like looking to see if she tires out —none of those things occurred. It's extremely perplexing. But I came to realize that this condition is nothing I've ever seen before. And so I started to read to try to figure it out, leaving aside the exact mechanism of how this disease is causing havoc on the body, but instead trying to figure out what the clinical syndrome looked like."

I provide video conference lessons on using pulse oximeters for hypoxia.

1) Which 3 oximeter brands, out of 20, were deemed as accurate as hospital oximeters
2) Why the Perfusion Index is an important early-warning signal
3) How chlorophyll and altitude affect oximeter readings
4) What threshold percentages to watch out for, when using oximeters and perfusion index meters

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I am Rob in Vancouver, a self-taught inventor.

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